Setting an intention in whatever we are going to do and defining your purpose creates a solid foundation for your life and certainly a business. It’s your purpose that will keep you inspired, motivated and on track. When obstacles appear, keep your focus on your purpose knowing that everything you need will be given to you. Trust that it’s on its way.

The relationship between purpose and vision affects whether or not we reach our goals. Each one of us has a purpose that is distinctly ours. The line of business that we have chosen should reflect that. Most of us try to find our dream job when we start out our careers. Others settle for what they can get until they find something better.

In the same way that you’ve found a successful career, you’ve followed a path that began with thoughts as to what you believed your purpose to be. Then, you moved on to the vision of what life could be professionally and personally. Finally, you reached the goals that you set out to accomplish, or you may still be on that path to accomplishment.

I want to share with you 3 very different stories of people that are making a huge impact in the world by powerfully transforming negative situations. The purpose for each leader was revealed as a result of their questions.


In 2001, David Batstone discovered that his favorite restaurant in San Francisco had been the center of a local human trafficking ring. He was shocked by this and began asking, “Where else is this happening?”

He realized slavery is an international problem affecting every industry and corner of the world. He formed Not For Sale with a mission to create a world where no one is for sale. This group is fighting slavery around the world by using business creation, supply chain evaluation and aftercare aid.

There are over 30 million slaves in the world and a small community deep in the Peruvian Amazon was badly affected by this. The residents, 7 hours from the nearest marketplace, finding it difficult to sell goods or get jobs were easy targets for human traffickers promising employment but actually selling them into slavery.

Not For Sale formed a mastermind group of people from various walks of life with the mission of creating a business enterprise that would support the entire community.

One member of the mastermind was a professional baseball player feeling overwhelmed by the caliber of the group surprised himself by offering the idea of making tea using the natural herbs growing in the lush environment.

Money raised through an online portal called Causes went through creating a supply chain, warehouses and training staff. They are now using crowdfunding to raise further capital to take REBBL to the next level.

Currently REBBL is producing 3 organic tea tonics that are being shipped worldwide. This is completely changing the community, giving hope to its residents and empowering them to be fully responsible for their outcomes.


Clint Ober is a wealthy, successful entrepreneur that owned the largest provider of cable television marketing and installation services in the US. In 1993 he developed a serious abscess in his liver that completely changed his life. Rather than follow traditional doctors’ advice of preparing for death, he opted for experimental surgery, which saved his life – and changed it too. He realized he was tied to his possessions so he got rid of everything and purchased a motor home. He travelled for the next several years trusting that his true purpose in life would be shown.

In 1998 he was sitting in a park observing people and noticed almost everyone had thick-soled rubber or plastic shoes. A question popped into his head, “Could wearing rubber or plastic soled shoes affect health?” Knowing what he does about electricity, he started testing the electromagnetic fields (EMF) and the affect on his body throughout his apartment.

He discovered that his bed had the highest level of EMF. He then wondered if these were affecting his sleep as he always had sleep problems. Ober put together a makeshift earthing system that he tested with the meter and it showed zero. He laid down and had the best night’s sleep in years.

Friends started requesting that he help them. They started reporting sleeping well and chronic pains were disappeared. Ober continued to research and test. As it became clear that earthing could improve people’s lives in a multitude of ways, he eventually designed a line of earthing products that are sold online.

Homeless No More Survival Pod

After a divorce, Gary Pickering was homeless for 3 years. That experience left him sympathetic to people he met who had no place to live. In 1988, four homeless people lived in a van outside his shop during the cold winter.

Then in 2009 while driving Pickering saw a homeless man and starting exploring what he could do to help. His question was simple, “What can I build that’s not too expensive?”

From there, he started building small, portable ‘micro-houses’ that people living on the streets could use against the weather. Pickering was quoted as saying; “Every person deserves the dignity of something they can call their own. Even if it’s only this, it’s theirs.”

Although this may not be for every homeless person, he believes it will help people trying to rebuild their lives. Pickering said, “If people can find jobs of course they will move on, they will get a house back and their cars, but until then, this will help them.”

He donated 4 of his shelters to an organization that helps the homeless in Utah and continues to work to raise the awareness about the homeless.

Seeing the impact these 3 men are making in the world demonstrates that entrepreneurship education should not be limited to a focus on start-ups, which is often the case in current programs around the world. Rather it should be focused on shifting mindsets, behaviours and developing skills that can be applied in many forms and entrepreneurial settings. Working in community with others all of the world problems can be solved.

Susan Bagyura, a leadership coach and Amazon best-selling author, works with leaders to create healthy, sustainable businesses by inspiring success from the top down.

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